LinBuild: A simple build system for C/C++

Jussi Lind <>

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:: Introduction ::

LinBuild is a Python-based, simple and user-friendly build system for C/C++ on Linux/Unix. It's intended to be distributed with your project, so there's no need to get it installed on the system.

LinBuild adopts some concepts from Waf and CMake and it is simply a single script that depends only on Python. LinBuild replaces GNU Make and makes it really easy to configure, build & install a C/C++ project.

LinBuild features e.g. automatic build dependency scanning of source files, multi-threaded build process and built-in supports for Qt4 and pkg-config.

:: Screenshots of recent versions ::

:: Features in a nutshell ::

:: Releases ::

LinBuild-1.0.3 (25-Apr-2009) Download LinBuild executable + examples!

LinBuild-1.0.2 (23-Apr-2009) Download LinBuild executable + examples!

LinBuild-1.0.1 (20-Apr-2009) Download LinBuild executable + examples!

LinBuild-1.0.0 (13-Apr-2009) Download LinBuild executable + examples!

  • First stable release!

:: Licence ::

The GNU Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL).

:: Credits ::

  • Programming by Jussi Lind
  • Copyright (c) Jussi Lind 2008, 2009

Latest update on 24-Apr-2009